P2PCOIN Mobile Application


(The P2PCOIN team works on the development of its own mobile application focused on the sending of remittances, micropayments and exchange in local currency.)

We currently use the crypto application of the WAVES platform. Which allows us access to a wide range of currencies, allowing users to market, P2PCOIN, Bitcoin, Etereum, cryptocurrencies, and tokens quickly and securely in an integrated cryptographic and decentralized exchange (DEX).

Features you’ll get:
– Show your transactions both pending and confirmed without login or password
– Send P2P and other ASSETS to anyone via direct address, QR code or from Address Book
– Request funds via QR code or sharing app link
– Support multiple wallets on one device
– Manage your Custom Applications Tokens (issue/re-issue new assets)
– Pair mobile wallet with Chrome Lite Client
– Pin protection
– Backup seed functionality
– Decentralized Exchange (DEX) in Wallet

During registration, the most important information is the wallet seed
Save it somewhere safe, you can also write it down on a piece of paper.
With the seed you can always import your account again.
The seed will get stored on your phone only and AES encrypted with a password you provided.
The seed is temporarily unlocked when you want to sign and send a transaction.
Every transaction is signed locally and transmitted to the node without revealing your wallet seed or private keys.
Pin protection is used to eliminate the need of entering a long password on your mobile device
The random key, by which the password AES encrypted, is stored on the server and can be retrieved only using your pin.
There are only 4 attempts of incorrectly enter the pin. Otherwise, it will no longer used and full password is required.

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