“P2PCOIN is Designed to Meet the Needs of Consumers Who Want to Receive Services Tangibles”

P2PCOIN is a token created to satisfy financial needs, such as funds transfers, micropayments and sending remittances, as well as for the exchange of different currencies, cryptocurrencies and other types of tokens.

The P2PCOIN approach is quite different from that of other cryptocurrencies, because among some of its stated objectives, it offers financial solutions to people who lack banking services.

Sending Remittances with P2PCOIN

For people sending money to family members overseas, P2PCOIN offers a cheaper, faster alternative to traditional money transfer services.

How banks, Businesses, & People use P2PCOIN

P2PCOIN lets banks, businesses, and people turn traditional assets, like dollars and euros, into tokens. These tokens can then be transferred and exchanged with any other participant on the P2PCOIN network.

The gradual transition of the West towards an economy without a wallet implies the disappearance of the idea of a currency that needs bills and coins. When the use of digital currency becomes widespread, more and more businesses could accept P2PCOIN as a form of payment. Therefore, in addition to using P2PCOIN for specific applications, it could also end up being widely used as a form of payment.